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All Ready for the Holidays! Gift Wrapped Large Plumeria Flowers Tri-Packs!
Gift Tri-Pack with one of each...Milk, Dark, Criollo, 1ounce delightful single hand-poured large Plumeria flowers!
SS5 - Tri-Pack, One of each 1 ounce $21.00 - Click to Order

All Ready for the Holidays! Gift Wrapped Individual Bars Tri-Packs!
Gift Tri-Pack with one of each Milk, Dark, Criollo, 3 ounce individual bars, hand-poured and scored for breakable bite-size pieces, embossed with our OHC logo and signature Plumeria flower!
SS6 - Tri-Pack, One of each 3 ounce $33.00 - Click to Order

Large Plumeria Special
Large Plumeria Shaped Chocolate - 12 Dark and 12 Milk Chocolate.
SS1 - Seasonal Special $151.00 - Click to Order

One Pound Bars 4 Chocolate Lovers
4 One Pound Bars of Original Hawaiian Chocolate at special savings. For Original Hawaiian Chocolate lovers and Chefs everywhere. Be sure to have enough Original Hawaiian Chocolate around with a one pound bar.
SS2 - 2 Dark and 2 Milk pound bars. $144.00 - Click to Order

One of Each
Try them all. One of each Original Hawaiian Chocolate product; One pound bar, Individual bar, box of small plumeria shaped chocolates, an individually boxed large plumeria and a box of freshly roasted cacao nibs. Chose below either Dark or Milk chocolate (no substitutions).
SS3 - One of Each - Dark Chocolate $ 74.00 - Click to Order
SS4 - One of Each - Milk Chocolate $ 74.00 - Click to Order

And of course, all of our Original Hawaiian Chocolate orders of over $175
include FREE SHIPPING to one address