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All orders are shipped Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday via Federal Express 2nd day air. P.O. Box address are not accepted. Shipping charges are $25.00 to the Continental US and $15.00 inter-island. Orders over $175.00 ship free. All orders must ship to one address.


Hawaiian Cacao Each individual bar is hand-poured and scored for breakable bite-size pieces, embossed with our OHC logo or signature Plumeria flower. A delicious and sublime indulgence, presented in gift box packaging and available in Dark, Milk and Dark Criollo chocolate. (3 oz. bars)


100% Hawaiian Cacao This imposing one pound bar will satisfy chefs and chocolate lovers alike. A hand-poured block of delectable goodness, conveniently scored in four sections. Offered in gift box packaging and available in Dark and Milk chocolate.


100% Hawaiian Cacao Our signature Plumeria-shaped pieces are irresistible, and come in an easy-to-open resealable gift box. A charming offering of approximately 33 hand-poured flowers - enough to share! Available in Dark and Milk Hawaiian chocolate. (5 oz.)


100% Hawaiian Cacao A delightful single hand-poured large Plumeria flower, captivatingly presented in gift box packaging. An alluring and tantalizing offering, available in Dark, Milk and Dark Criollo chocolate. (1 oz.)


100% Hawaiian Cacao 100% cacao beans, roasted, shelled and broken into bite-size bits. Enjoy cacao nibs to experience the essence of pure chocolate. Blend in a fruit smoothie for a rich and nutty flavor or simply savor as a snack. Along with being delicious, cacao is high in anti-oxidants. Explore the possibilities! Presented in an easy-to-open resealable gift box.

100% KONA COFFEE Private Reserve

Whole Bean Aloha to you from the Orchards of Kahalu'u, where we grow and harvest this 100% Kona coffee for your pleasure. Our gourmet dark roast coffee is a natural compliment to our rich Hawaiian chocolate! When ripe, the plump red "cherries" are handpicked, carefully processed and naturally sun-dried. Upon demand, we roast and ship directly to you, our valued customer. Guaranteed fresh 100% Kona Coffee - one of life's special luxuries.

One Pound Bars 4 Chocolate Lovers

4 One Pound Bars of Original Hawaiian Chocolate at special savings (2 Milk & 2 Dark). For Original Hawaiian Chocolate lovers and Chefs everywhere. Be sure to have enough Original Hawaiian Chocolate around with a one pound bar.

One of Each Try them all

One of each Original Hawaiian Chocolate product; One pound bar, Individual bar, box of small plumeria shaped chocolates, an individually boxed large plumeria and a box of freshly roasted cacao nibs. Chose below either Dark or Milk chocolate (no substitutions).

Large Plumeria Special

Large Plumeria Shaped Chocolate - 12 Dark and 12 Milk Chocolate.

Gift Wrapped Large Plumeria Flowers Tri-Packs!

Gift Tri-Pack with one of each...Milk, Dark, Criollo, 1 ounce delightful single hand-poured large Plumeria flowers!

Gift Wrapped Individual Bars Tri-Packs!

Gift Tri-Pack with one of each Milk, Dark, Criollo, 3 ounce individual bars, hand-poured and scored for breakable bite-size pieces, embossed with our OHC logo and signature Plumeria flower!

Chocolate is Aloha DVD

15 minute Chocolate Tour of our original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory farm and processing facility on DVD.


Hawaii's favorite ice cream topping! You can enjoy this delicious fudge sauce on just about anything!. Dip strawberries, bananas or apples. Spread on bread, bagels or crackers. Warm just a bit and spoon on.....Yummy! Created with Original Hawaiian Dark Chocolate. Send some as a gift!

CACAO and COFFEE Handmade Artisan Soaps

Our soap is uniquely handcrafted by a pharmacist from scratch in small batches on the Big Island of Hawaii using high quality, skin loving oils. They are unique to our farm here using ingredients from our OHCF chocolate and coffee. Handmade soap is soap in its true, pure form. Due to the nature of the products, no two are identical. Please allow for variations as compared to product listing photos and/or previous orders. Thank you for buying handmade!

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